Rain boots that shine.

This wear-now (wear anywhere?) women's chelsea rainboot is sleek and sporty, yet feminine.


Let it rain.

The Madrid, a must for fall fashionista's. Runway-inspired with full-on style - sort of like a rain utility boot.

Raven Neoprene Rain Boot

Raven Neoprene Rain Boot


This is Raven. The rainboot gets casual. Not sure what's more fab about this beauty: the rubber and neoprene boot, the textured heel and toe scuff-guard or the chic sweater-collar detail?


Trending Colours!

Our iconic Kensignton boot debuts this fall in new and on-trend shades. Olive is on everyone's directional radar, Indigo channels more of a classic cool vibe and both are prepped for a fashion-filled fall.

  1. Always waterproof

    To stop leaks, we use a seamless injected-rubber upper mold. The elastic gore is also treated with a water repellent coating.
  2. Stain resistant

    This treatment also repels spills and dirt for easy clean up.
  3. Lightweight

    To make them lighter than the average rain boot, we use foamed outsoles instead of heavier rubber.

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